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Click on the "Launch Gallery" above to see even more celebrities at the "42" premiere, including Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart and breakout star Chadwick Boseman."42" opens in theaters this Friday. (performer: "Hava Naglia" - as "I'm Black and Jewish", uncredited) / (performer: "Hold On, We're Going Home", "Resolution Revolution" (uncredited)) / (performer: "Started from the Bottom", "Trophies", "From Time" - as Drake) / (writer: "Started from the Bottom", "Hold On, We're Going Home", "From Time") - The Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 2013 (2014) ...Instead, Potter’s and Mc Elwee’s romance is a touching Valentine story that would melt Cupid’s own heart. SEE PHOTOS OF SEAN MCELWEE AND LAUREN POTTER ••• Mc Elwee was watching television during “Glee”‘s inaugural season in the fall of 2009 when he spotted Potter for the first time.

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But after years of keeping his relationship private, Darren now seems willing to open up about it — if only just a little bit.

Back in May, the two were photographed together at Coachella Music Festival, and Darren took Mia as his date to the 2013 Tony’s earlier this month.

The reaction confirmed what had already started to become obvious: that Drake, a rapper who was once best known for being a Canadian child star working in a genre where he didn’t quite fit in, was no longer any kind of underdog.

Instead, he had become a target, the kind of cultural giant who inspires love and derision in equal measure.

(performer: "Fuckin Problems") / (performer: "Started from the Bottom", "The Motto", "Headlines", "Bitches Love Me", "Hold On, We're Going Home" - as Drake) / (writer: "Fuckin Problems", "Started from the Bottom", "The Motto", "Headlines", "Bitches Love Me", "Hold On, We're Going Home") Part of me is being in touch with emotion. If I didn't write about my emotions, I don't know what else I would write about.

Let that be the worst thing in my life please, not something like drug charges and God knows what else.

The only problem was that she was a big-time television actress and he was a Rancho Santa Margarita teenager. Then, last fall, Potter agreed to go to Mc Elwee’s homecoming dance. And they realized that what they liked most of all was one another’s company. Potter lives in Riverside, doesn’t drive and has an exceptionally busy schedule. “I like her voice.” Potter ticks off Mc Elwee’s attributes: smart, honest, polite, respectful. ” He fishes out a card and a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Draped around the bear is a delicate silver chain with a man’s silver ring. With a little assistance, Potter puts on the necklace. The couple hugs, their chins resting on one another’s shoulders.

Then Mc Elwee learned Potter was going to be at the Buddy Walk put on by the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles. With a little help from his mom, Sandra Mc Elwee, and the group’s Executive Director, Gail Williamson, Mc Elwee managed to meet Potter. But Potter, a practical young woman of 20, was a bit more circumspect. Not only does she have “Glee” rehearsals in Hollywood, she had a role in the movie “Mr. While the romance took time to root, it’s now in full flower. Thank you.” When Mc Elwee jokes, “I’m hot, sexy and pretty,” Potter just shakes her head with amusement. She adds they also share something important, “We have great parents.” “The greatest parents ever,” Mc Elwee chimes in. I can’t see Mc Elwee’s face, but Potter’s smile is big enough for both of them.

Better yet, go on a date with Mc Elwee and his girlfriend, Lauren Potter, who plays Becky Jackson on the musical-comedy-drama, “Glee.” But be warned.

When the couple gets together it’s nothing like the tabloid tales of high-octane celebrity antics.

Rumours are rife that love could be in the air for Kendall Jenner and Drake after the pair posed for a selfie after partying together at her mother's Christmas Eve party.