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He is usually success hungry, and takes short, calculated and precise steps to reach the desired destination.

1970 Peter Queen quits Fleetwood Mac to join a religious cult 1997 STS 84 (Atlantis 19), lands 1954 IBM announces vacuum tube "electronic" brain that could perform 10 million operations an hour 1890 Tivoli Theater of Varities opens in London 1862 Beardslee field telegraph used for 1st time i have a girl, she is an aries, ww used to love each other but now she changed like she don't believe that there is a future between us, so please can somebody tell me if virgo and aries are compatible or not? So i thought maybe i'll date a Virgo man #HELLNO NOT EVER AGAI...... We love giving complements and we want want a woman who loves us for us and not for what we have. They say we show our feminine side but that's not the case for all male virgos we are all different. Friendship is key, do not forget to have fun with your Virgo. For generations we have taken advantage of the astrological information supplied by the movement of the planets for assessing people's personalities.Oh man, this is so true, right now I'm in a situation of wanting moving out of my family and find my own job, but there's a lot of problems, and I want to get out and be on my own, but for some reason I just can't, i don't know why though a relationship not for the and fire.... Virgo too grounded for impulsive fiery Aries...although you'll never have a dull fun..longterm.i hear ya- my old girl friend had this high tempo urgency about her - i loved the social intellect she possessed though..her self talk pep talk was annoying to be around- and she had a very dark- dark side- & a dependency on constant attention revolving her- ..alas- Nobody's perfect- but some signs are better matches- i 'm manifesting a pisces girlfriend , next how r u trying to give advice when u cheat on everyone, also gave ur std virus to ppl and one of ur daughter's mother's, by now u may have gavin it to all ur kid's mother's, run from andre holland dear, "he's std virus positive"Virgo and gemini are not meant to be. You are loyal but he gets bored easily and will eventually leave for new excitement. THEY SELFISH SPOIL AND WHORISHI am a Virgo man in a relationship with a Libra. They criticize and put there opinion out there without hesitation. Our ultimate goal in life is to be successful and please the ones we really love. You can contact on my email account [email protected] is passionate. Virgo's can work, work, work so you will have to plan the surprise outings and make dinner plans. An individuals date of birth determines their nominated Sun sign.Many look at Virgos as the stuck-up, boring, prude-ish sign, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.Just like anything worth having, you have to work to get to the good stuff.As the Fire element of Aries mix with the Earth element of Virgo, it makes a difficult combination, but with certain merits of its own.

Aries need stimulation and excitement while Virgo needs safety and security in the relationship.

It’s an unrealistic combination of traits to be attracted to in another person, and it has often placed me in the wrong types of romantic scenarios.

Indeed, I am one very tough Virgo woman who is admittedly almost completely desensitized to single life.

These two signs can be quite active together and pour some energy into activities they perform together.

A Virgo man is a very practical person with strong intellect and detailed information of all the aspects of life.

You don't know what he wants because he changes he minds all the time. They want honest but have had 3differenz other women on the sid.. My love horoscope compatibility reading for me and my Libra says the Virgo and Libra in most cases are incompatible unless the Libra can learn to except criticism and put it into perspective. Always make yourself up, look your best and keep a clean house. The vast majority of people will know their star sign and often the symbol that represents it.