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However, a good painting technique or applying paint on wood will be dependent on the surface and type of wood being treated.

To maintain a wet edge, start near a corner and run the roller up and down the full height of the wall, moving over slightly with each stroke.Move backward where necessary to even out thick spots or runs.(In warm, dry conditions, latex paint can begin to stiffen in less than a minute!) The key to avoiding lap marks is to maintain a “wet edge,” so each stroke of your roller overlaps the previous stroke before the paint can begin to dry.We make sure every surface has been thoroughly cleaned and prepared to ensure the best finish results.

I think more wood paneling was installed in the '60s and '70s than any other time period. Well I for one never listen to conventional wisdom.

Follow these steps for a great finish: Ok, so what you need to know if you need to repaint an area?

First of all, start by assessing the paint condition of the surface.

With the real estate market being in full force in Vancouver at the moment, there is no better way to increase your home’s value then to add a few economical updates.

Below is a list of worthwhile property updates to get you ahead of the game when you’re trying to sell your home: Do you need a professional painting company?

Make sure you read the tutorial including details on how traditional lion brass pulls were converted to bright yellow lacquered pulls. Gold seems to be peeking into everything; from the top of cupcakes and desserts to hints in painted furniture. In fact, deliberate restrain is what is needed to highlight carved areas or ridges with the smallest amounts of gold. Like anything, there are short cuts and tricks and this tutorial makes it look easy.