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Perform a back-up of all your important data to some media other than your hard disk.

If the installation crashes or has a problem during the upgrade process, you run the risk of losing some or all of your data. Compress all files until there are no fragmented files on your drives.

Other types of updates correct errors or enhance functionality within the operating system, and are not necessarily security related.

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The most commonly used computer operating systems today are Microsoft's Windows and Apple's Macintosh OS 10.Both have different versions of the OS (for example: 10, 8, and 7 for Windows and 10.11 or "El Capitan" and 10.10 or "Yosemite" for Macintosh) so you may find that some updates only affect specific versions. page has instructions on finding your OS and version.You should re-boot your computer to install them (after which the display will show how many updates have been applied out of the total) – or if your computer is locked, it will automatically power down and you will have to start it up to install the updates.Do not interrupt updates by unplugging or restarting the computer.Updating your OS is perhaps the most critical and simplest of all the methods for securing your computer.

Nearly all modern operating systems have some easy method to make sure you have the latest version of all of your operating system software.

If your computer is using Personal Hotspot on the i OS device that you’re updating, connect your computer to a different Wi-Fi or Ethernet network before you update.

In the rapidly changing world of both computer technology and consumer expectations, operating systems evolve rapidly.

The risks Not keeping your operating system up to date can result in serious issues, affecting both your device and your own personal security.

These include: When Windows downloads have been downloaded, it will be indicated to you that they are available.

Make sure to enable automatic updates whenever possible.