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If you have recently purchased a Garmin Nuvi with LMT or LM extension (for example Garmin Nuvi 1450 LM, Nuvi 1300 LM, Nuvi 2595lmt, etc) it means that you can benefit from free lifetime map updates (the life of the device of course, or better yet the average usage duration of a Garmin Nuvi).

Well now that we know we can take advantage of free maps for our satnav, what are the steps we should take to get them?

If you don’t have the cable at hand you can enter the serialnumber of the device in the box above the After downloading the Garmin Express (and having Nuvi unit connected to the PC ) install it in your computer.

I bought a new Garmin Nuvi 250 yesterday for a trip I'm making.

The store clerk says you pay 0 bucks to go and update maps off the website.

The thing is, I have searched and I can not find this update. I just registered and was told there was a free update available - the problem for me is that I'm outside the US so who knows what sort of customs charges I could be hit with, but you should be alright!

The current Nuvi 250 I run has no new highways and tunnels (and is probably missing some other things I haven't found yet). Hi, If you just bought your system, you probably have the most recent version uploaded. Never got anything from Garmin for free, so most likely you will have to pay fot it.

It will open a new tab where you can download Garmin Express , a little app that will deal with your Satnav’s updates.

While the program is downloading connect the Garmin Nuvi GPS unit to the computer with the supplied cable .

Where and how do I download a map update and does this cost money? Cheers Recently bought Nuvi 250 and when I registered it I was informed that I was entitled to a free Garmin POI downloads.

I downloaded the free info but am unable to install on to the satnav owing to lack of memory space.

Had this for Christmas, used it once and it was fine.

Connected to PC and Garmin website suggested system update so I did this and now it doesn't work.

No need to mail my unit to the service centre in Quebec.