Updating courses

A major or/ minor is a set of units (or module) within a particular discipline in which students choose to specialise as part of their course (see Course Architecture).

Updating training is achieved by attending very short refresher courses: half a day for personal survival techniques and one day each for all other safety training certificates.To put into context, crew will need to do one and a half days and officers three and half days in total, every five years.If you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our utmost to assist.We also offer STCW Refresher Training on a bespoke basis.December 2016 Deck Officers will need to have completed an MCA approved course.

A list of approved courses and providers can be found at uk and search “MCA ATP”.A unit set is another name for a group of units that have been organised into a major or minor.January 2017 will need documentary evidence of completing the following STCW short courses within the previous FIVE years.Any changes to title, code, duration, or credit points will require a new code which will mean the major or minor will be classified as "new" (see Creating a new major or minor).Majors and minors are also called ‘unit sets’ in CAMS.There are two types of changes that can be made to an existing major or/ minor: A minor modification is the smallest change that can be made where there is no approval required as there are a limited number of fields available to edit (as seen below).