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June 16 - Youth for Christ partners with True Love Waits Team in planning a national rally as part of DC 94 in July, 1994. 7 - Contemporary Christian artists through Genevox Music Group and interlinc release first True Love Waits music project. 29 - National and international media interest continues to rise as Richard Ross appears on The Today Show. July 29 - True Love Waits National Display at DC '94, Washington, D.

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C., sponsored by Medical Institute for Sexual Health; over 300 leaders meet to join forces in the growing sexual abstinence movement. 17 - True Love Waits Team begins planning for involvement at Youth Link 2000; Youth Link 2000 will unite 170,000 to 200,000 young people December 29, 1999 through January 1, 2000 in seven cities across America.

True Love Waits Team develops plans for Crossing Bridges with Purity, the True Love Waits emphasis for 1999-2000.

King hopes to inspire them to steer away from society's idea of sexuality while encouraging them to defy the stereotype of over-sexualized teenagers by living for God instead of their own temporary pleasures."The True Love Project seeks to communicate God's design for relationships to a new generation of students and young adults who may be struggling or confused about love, dating and sex," said King, to The Christian Post.

"In a culture that has largely abandoned a traditional view of marriage, our hope is to communicate truth in a clear and winsome way, encouraging young men and women to follow God's plan for their relationships."King has been preaching and writing about love, sex and marriage for more than two decades throughout churches, public schools, and college campuses after being a part of the 'True Love Waits' movement that began in 1994.

My cheeks were still flushed from last Tuesday night’s conversation as I fumbled from my side of the bed to the bathroom early Wednesday morning.

I work in campus ministry and had planned a late-night honest conversation for girls on the True Love Waits Movement, which promotes abstinence among teenagers and college students. So we also believe he desires that his image bearers experience sex within the covenant of marriage not because he likes rigid rules but because, as our Maker, his parameters are for our good.Just because they messed up, it doesn't mean they give up."On his blog, King emphasizes that message of redemption and adds that young adults should focus on being found faithful on judgment day versus focusing on being a virgin on their wedding day, although the campaign's underlying theme is to remain sexually pure as demanded by God."I want them to be prepared for a Christ-centered, God-honoring marriage one day.I want them to be ready to raise their own children, should God grant them, to know and follow Jesus," King writes in his blog about his hopes for the next generation.Sharon Pumpelly initiates a close partnership with Uganda's first lady Janet Museveni that sets the True Love Waits movement in motion.Uganda experiences a dramatic reduction of the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate (the percentage of people living with HIV/AIDS), which in some areas was above 30%, to 6.7% of the country's 25 million people in 2006. - Baptist World Alliance partners with True Love Waits Team to provide an international display at the Baptist World Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in August, 1995. - Media interest continues to rise as over 400 national and international media to date have inquired about True Love Waits including Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Teen Magazine, Family Circle, Life magazine, The Phil Donohue Show, and many newspapers and radio stations. 6 - True Love Waits Team begins planning for a second national display at Atlanta '96 youth ministers' meeting to be held at the Georgia Dome in February 1996; plans are to stack commitment cards "through the roof" of the Dome, thus the theme True Love Waits Thru the Roof. 16 - International interest continues to rise as evidenced by a visit to the True Love Waits Team by Fano Sibisi and Kjell Olsen from South Africa to share appreciation and gain information to improve their True Love Waits efforts. - True Love Waits is presented to 15 million people as Richard Ross appears on Night Line to discuss sexual issues among teenagers in America.It gained popularity among many church youth groups in the early 2000’s. Before I continue, I want to affirm that each of us believes in the fundamental message of the True Love Waits Movement: We believe that God is the creator of people who bear His image. My friends and I are a part of the True-Love-Waits generation, and I am thankful for those who taught me about God’s gift of sex in marriage.