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Things are so exciting this month I can hardly sleep at night.Just yesterday I signed two deals for TV shows set in Italy that I filmed, edited and hosted myself.I was on a press tour recently in Toronto and a woman came up to me after I gave a speech on the experience of creating a life in Italy. I actually did what you did and went to live in Rome but I only ended up staying for three months.” “Oh really? She was relieved, confused, united, thrilled to hear there wasn’t something wrong with her. You probably hang out with your classmates and you have set group excursions scheduled into your free time.

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If your tour island-hops in Greece, you'll find ancient ruins on islands like Rhodes and Crete -- don't miss the Palace of Knossos on Crete -- plus packed beaches and a wild nightlife scene.In steaming hot Athens, you can shop with stylish locals, snap photos of the Acropolis and Parthenon, stroll through the ancient Agora marketplace -- the site of Socrates' speeches -- or order cocktails by the beach.He gives us the people we NEED, to HELP US, to HURT US, to LEAVE US,rnto LOVE US, and to make us into the person we are MEANT to be!rn*Do you really want to open ur heart to a LOVE that will not let u show the TRUTH OF UR LIFE? u just need to find the one WORTH suffering forrn* The proof u loved is the suffering u did 4 the one u loved! In Italy's grand seaside cities, such as Rome and Venice, you'll find history tucked away in every corner, from the Roman Colosseum and the Vatican to a Dark Ages cathedral in Venice.

If you want a trip that hits Italy and Greece, you'll probably need to book an Eastern Mediterranean cruise.I passed my culinary exam at Accademia Barilla, finally conquering the rules and intricacies of Italian cuisine.And I realised that I no longer have to translate in my head – I’m thinking directly in Italian.Whether you want to speed date on the high seas, make friends over Italian gelato or spend quality solo time exploring ancient Greek ruins, a singles cruise from Italy to Greece packs plenty of adventure.On Greek islands, playing on the beach and partying in seaside clubs make socializing the main event.alone time,, Dirt Bike Riding, Fishing, Walking the Beach, BEING OUTDOORS, making Spiritual Jewellery, Reading, Arch Angels, The Universe, Manifesting, Angel cards, Tarots, Crystal Balls, Spiritual Healing, SOUL FOOD!