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To receive a restricted program access you will require a current Do D clearance and may be required to undergo an additional investigation and agree to a polygraph.

Would you like to know more about obtaining a Department of Defense Clearance?

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An interim security clearance is one that is issued quickly to an individual for use at a specific job.

Unlike regular security clearances, interim clearances expire immediately after the individuals leave the job that required the clearance.

Specifically the questionnaire includes the following information: Access Northrop Grumman executes contracts that require "access" to U. If you have current "access" from a restricted program customer, please tell the Talent Acquisition Representative handling your application.

If you cannot reveal the name of the customer who granted the access, the Security department will determine the access level without violating any secrecy requirements.

Please read: Information on this website is provided with the understanding that FEDCAS is not engaged in rendering legal advice or service. Although the Adjudicative Guidelines list any drug use as a disqualifying condition; most young people are able to substantially mitigate their drug involvement.

The Information provided on this website is offered for informational purposes only; it is not offered as and does not constitute legal advice. If I used marijuana and experimented with other drugs over two year ago while in college, will I be denied a security clearance? Mitigation involves a stated and demonstrated intent not to abuse any drugs in the future, dissociation from drug-using associates, changing or avoiding the environment where drugs were used, and an appropriate period of abstinence.Up until I read this story, the answer has always been an emphatic yes.I will amend my answer to say yes in all but the most unique of circumstances.If you are a current civilian employee of the federal government: failure to answer any questions completely and truthfully could result in an adverse personnel action against you, including loss of employment; with respect to sections 23, 27 and 29, however, neither your truthful responses or information derived from those responses will be used against you in a subsequent criminal proceeding.Note that the words in bold are exactly as set forth in this first paragraph of the instructions.All questions on this form must be answered completely and truthfully in order that the government may make the determinations described below on a complete record.