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Thus Fair Game is the title of the film that was inspired by her story.Naomi Watts plays Plame Wilson with an extraordinary resemblance, and Sean Penn plays Joe Wilson.

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Bean was born in Handsworth, a suburb of Sheffield, which was then part of West Riding of Yorkshire (the County of South Yorkshire was created in 1974).

He is the son of Rita (née Tuckwood) and Brian Bean. His father owned a fabrication shop that employed 50 people, including Bean's mother, who worked as a secretary.

That was, of course, until her identity was leaked to the Washington Post columnist Robert Novak in 2003.

It was leaked by Karl Rove, president George W Bush’s mastermind, and Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, in an attempt to discredit Plame Wilson and her husband Joe.

Penn received another two Oscar nominations for Woody Allen's comedy-drama Sweet and Lowdown (1999) and the drama I Am Sam (2001), before winning his first Academy Award for Best Actor in 2003 for Mystic River and a second one in 2008 for Milk.

He has also won a Best Actor Award of the Cannes Film Festival for the Nick Cassavetes-directed She's So Lovely (1997), and two Best Actor Awards at the Venice Film Festival for the indie film Hurlyburly (1998) and the drama 21 Grams (2003). After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he made his professional debut in a theatre production of Romeo and Juliet in 1983.Retaining his distinctive Yorkshire accent, he first found mainstream success for his portrayal of Richard Sharpe in the ITV series Sharpe.Recalling anecdotes of the lovable Bedford-born roadie, who dressed in mohair suits and string ties, she adds, 'He loved going for long walks in the woods with the children and was so loving with them.On the road: On a Pink Floyd day out in St Tropez, 1970.It’s a gripping film, not only because it’s very realistic in its approach to what a spy really does, but in its portrayal of the upheaval in Plame Wilson’s life after she was exposed.