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I am not at all sure he would have ended up in jail charged with manslaughter, as Alix was.In thinking back over the events aboard the yacht Escape, I have also wondered why Alix was the first to shoot up.In fact, singles are a tech-savvy bunch, according to the new survey, funded by dating website

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My guess is that Forrest was nervous and wanted Alix to show it was safe. She might have found herself accused of murder if she had given him a fatal injection without initially subjecting herself to the same danger.In the aftermath, Santa Cruz Police Chief Steve Clark told me that surveillance video from inside the yacht show Alix stepping over Forrest's body with a wine glass in her hand."Glacial," Clark called her.From there he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being an actor/model/dancer.Tony was discovered by a scout while attending West Valley College in Saratoga, California and started modeling at age eighteen.Ward reunited with La Bruce playing a homeless junkie in the 2010 zombie thriller, L. It may be a coincidence, but he seems to have dropped from her arm at about the same time tabloids revealed that he had married an old flame, Greek-Australian photographer Amalia Papadimos, 23, in a quickie ceremony in Las Vegas on Aug.

Robert Sward (born 1933) is an American and Canadian poet and novelist. -- The serendipity of smack could have just as easily made Alix Tichelman the one to overdose on Forrest Hayes' yacht.And in recent days, long after the story was filed, I have begun to wonder what would have happened to Forrest if he had been the one who did nothing to help while somebody died.I do not imagine that Forrest Hayes was being chivalrous, the way a gentleman might be on an elevator, insisting that ladies go first.A gentleman would not have paid for sex with a woman who was around the age of his oldest daughter.Tony Ward was born in Santa Cruz, California on June 10, 1963 to Robert Borden Ward, from Kansas and Karen Elizabeth Castro of California.