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'Beach bums', she captioned the cheeky image with the added hashtag '#wesquat'.She also called South Carolina-born Maggie her 'girl crush'.Then it was the summer, and two lots of surgery to deal with the collapse of my spine, and the autumn, and emergency radio therapy to deal with what had grown back. Turns out it’s in my spine, my lungs, throughout my lymph system.

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The daytime DIY series, which succeeded ‘Big Strong Girls’.The boys would descend on house and put right the DIY wrongs – building shelves, fitting cupboards, tiling – just whatever needed doing.Below is the message he posted on Facebook on Christmas Eve to his friends, telling them of his illness.Dan’s friends suggested that this was the most suitable message to post up about his death. How can people be offended by something so natural?

Our bodies are phenomenal and know exactly what to do.I sincerely hope that all of you are about to have a wonderful Christmas with the people who matter to you Some of you I haven’t spoken to in weeks, some in many, many years -I’m a Facebook lurker, more prone to seeing what others are doing, than posting myself- but I need to get this said……In September 2014 I was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer.Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.Jake Robinson and Gavin Lowe were the original ‘Big Strong Boys’.The Australian model moved to America earlier this year to focus on her career after breaking up with her personal trainer fiance, Dan.