Quicktime not repairing or updating

As long as Adobe Flash Player is concerned, it doesn't load required resources from the webpage and fails to show Flash content. For Earlier Versions of Windows: Visit the Website at a Later Time The server containing Flash resources might be busy. Add Website to the List of Trusted Websites Trusted Websites is a list of all websites that you trust not to damage your computer or files.

Although Apple is responsible for a lot of beneficial products and software, it has also created some of the most frustrating technological innovations in the modern world.

When the header is corrupt, you could get the error 2048 message.

The header of the MOV file might get corrupted because of the unexpected turn away from your system in playing mode or due to improper downloading of the MOV file from the web where the MOV file is originally stored or uploaded.

This may also happen when you attempt to work with another player like VLC Media Player or KM Player and want to play the MOV file.

The header of a MOV file contains significant information like date, last adjustment of the file size etc.

The error message that pops up in this situation is often "This movie requires Quick Time, which is not supported by this version of i Tunes." This can seem frustrating and confusing especially considering that Quick Time is likely installed on your computer and worked perfectly beforehand.

If you receive this error message, then there are a few different problems that could be plaguing your version of i Tunes.

Occasionally when you attempt to play a MOV video file using the Apple Quick Time player, you get an error message.

The message is "Error 2048: cannot open the file since it's not a file that Quick Time understands".

Virus infection is among the main reasons that cause changes to the MOV files.

This corrupts the MOV file and therefore it won't play.

i Tunes often requires Quick Time to run properly, but sometimes things don't go as planned.