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Decisions by all room moderators are not to be argued with, or challenged in any way their only objectives are to provide support, and to look after the overall well-being of the depression chat rooms.

We are Beast Mode Soccer and our role is pretty simple: We take rec, club or virtually any player who isn’t satisfied with their game, and give them all the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their soccer goals – whether it’s becoming a starter in their team, getting an offer from D1 College or becoming a professional and winning the World Cup.Each of our 4 methods will dramatically improve your game, transform your technique, super charge your confidence and allow you to finally become the player you always wanted to be. WE ARE THE BEST SKILLS SPECIALISTS IN THE WORLD Doing the most effective drills with the best trainers in the world and achieving impossible results is no longer reserved for Leo Messi, Alex Morgan, Ronaldo or Neymar Our trainers at Beast Mode Soccer, who work with players at all levels, from rec to D1 and professional players, including the likes of Alex Morgan, now want to help you improve your game.DEPRESSION CHAT GUIDE AND OVERVIEW To maintain the smooth and friendly environment of these depression chat rooms, we insist that all members read the following chat room guide, and adhere to it at all times. An "@" sign next to a specific nickname denotes a person as a chat room moderator (an Op).Please note the Op team are volunteering their time and are to be treated with respect.We must always give our Venters the space they need to open up willingly to us, but we must not become lax.

Reach out to your Venters, ask them how they are doing, ask about their lives, their experiences.

Your schedule is sporadic, we accommodate for that.3.

PERSONALIZEAs we already said, it is all about personalization. Using the ‘Better Soccer Blueprint: Personal’ we will address your specific needs and goals and make sure you get professional-like treatment MEET US AND HAVE AN OBLIGATION FREE, PRIVATE CONVERSATION.

Veterans in crisis and their families and friends can be connected with qualified Department of Veterans Affairs responders through a confidential toll-free hotline, online chat, or text by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and pressing 1.

National, US-based crisis counseling and support phone line for people experiencing emotional distress related to natural or human-caused disasters.

Show the Venter unconditional positive regard, and you will not only make their life that much easier, you will become a better Listener.