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MORE: Seven things people with MS want you to know about the disease.

There is a nice article about dating with MS and some good advice that seems as well suited to people without MS as for those with. When scientists have taken a look at MS and love, they come to interesting conclusions.

In general, however, most of the advice seems to be summed up by one article answering the question "Should I marry a person with MS? Conclusions that left me chasing my tail around the internet.

Hey, he was actually going to a symphony concert that evening with friends. ;-) It would be the next month while he was scratching my back that I noticed the numbness had spread over my shoulder blade to my spine.

I made another doctor’s appointment and these would be symptoms which led to an eventual MS diagnosis.

The most important thing is that you bring it up whenever you feel comfortable doing so, even if it’s on a first date.

Sebastian’s parting tip is to not let MS define who you are.My boyfriend at the time found it very difficult to deal with.We’d been together for about four years and, looking back, I think that it wasn’t what he’d “signed up for”.For a good long time now, I’ve taken one month every year to go off the drink (for health reasons, for self-reflective reasons, and simply to make sure that I could).During my single days that month was always February. Not just the persons who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but those around us who share in this experience.