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We also initiated a ceramic petrology project, gathering clay samples from known areas of past manufacture. Whereas only two stone-walled enclosures of the 11th-13th centuries AD were previously known in Androy, we found another three in the region.

One of them, at Mafelefo, has an impressively long wall circuit which encloses an occupation area of over 20 ha.

Yet the Malagasy people’s cuisine, rituals, and religious beliefs resemble those of Borneo, some 9000 kilometers to the east. The telltale evidence is, in effect, breadcrumbs: crops distinctive to Austronesia, sprinkled across Madagascar and neighboring islands.

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Fellow researcher and Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History Director of Archaeology Dr Nicole Boivin said there was still a lot to learn about the island’s past.

Professor Mike Parker Pearson During field survey from September to December 1995 and from March to April 1996, our team of archaeologists, anthropologists, a geomorphologist and a botanist achieved many of the project's objectives.

“The discovery of an Austronesian connection for the Comoros is surprising,” says David Burney, a paleobiologist at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Koloa, Hawaii, who has studied the region. E., the researchers found a clear boundary between sites dominated by African crops like pearl millet, cowpea, and sorghum, and those with Asian rice, mung bean, and cotton.

Yet the Austronesians stopped short of the African coast. The Asian crops were common on the Comoros and on Madagascar, but rare on the East African coast.

In recent years, she has given particular attention to the emigration of women from Madagascar to France.

There’s a shortage of single women in rural France, and so it has become common for working-class Frenchmen to seek brides in Madagascar via matchmakers and Internet dating sites.he settlement of the Indian Ocean’s largest island is one of the great mysteries in humanity’s colonization of the globe.Madagascar lies just 400 kilometers off the East African coast.We carried out surveys of woodland composition in three locales, to provide comparisons with the classifications of primary and secondary forest derived from analysis of satellite remote sensing imagery.The search for associated Aepyornis (Elephant Bird) and human occupation sites was less successful, with only a small group of thousand-year old shell middens at the Manambovo rivermouth likely to yield evidence of Aepyornis eggshells exploited by human groups.If all goes well, the man gets a wife, the woman a husband—and a coveted visa in the bargain.