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In this episode Pam is the only one to successfully complete Michael's fire walk, symbolising the courage, strength and confidence she has finally found.After finally taking this step, she uses this new found bravery to tell Jim how she truly feels.

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Pamela Morgan "Pam" Halpert née Beesly (born March 25, 1979) is a fictional character on the U. television sitcom The Office, played by Jenna Fischer.

Regarding that apparently flawed on-screen relationship, Geller said: “It was fine, we think we can do better in terms of the chemistry between the two of them.” While fan-favorites Le Blanc and Fischer are both talented, attractive comedic performers, with plenty of charisma, it is difficult to picture them playing a romantic couple.

When word broke that Fischer had been cast opposite Le Blanc, this reporter figured she was unfairly type-casting both actors and that the proof would be in the pudding.

When CBS preview[ed] “Man With a Plan” at its upfront event […], Jenna Fischer [is set] opposite Matt Le Blanc.

But by the time the show actually debuts this October, the “Office” alum will be nowhere to be found.

Of all the people in the US Office, Pam is one of the most inspiring, and has certainly grown the most.