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Well, I sent the money to the manager of the agency, Ludmila Donashneva, by Western Union, and never heard from Nikitina or the agency again.

I know that the money was collected from the Arkhangelsk office, and assuming Western Union followed their own procedures, Ludmila Donashneva had to show identification to collect the money, and she had to provide the money transfer control number that I got when I sent the money and which I told Ludmila Donashneva by email.

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I replied to Natalia Nikitina care of the agency's email address.

A few days later I received an email message from the agency saying that Nikitina had written to me again, but I would have to start paying for the agency's services to receive the message. This seemed an underhanded way of doing business, but I have spent enough time in the former Soviet Union to know that people are not always clued in to proper ways of doing business and it is not necessarily an indication of dishonesty.

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