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Ever since I published my previous article on the average IQ of students by college major, I’ve received several requests to analyze the correlation between IQ and religiosity.

Below, I’ve written up an analysis of the existing published literature on the topic.

The number of people declaring themselves to be atheists rose by more than six million to 14.1million meanwhile.

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, Culture Clash, Interfaith Marriage, Islamic Answers 2010, Marriage, Marriage to non-Muslims, Premarital relationship, Want to Get Married » My boyfriend is Muslim, I’m Christian, and we cannot convince his family I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now, and he's Muslim and I'm Christian.We have had a lot of trouble trying to convince his and my family that we really are devoted towards our love for each other.Once we get up to about 20% of the population being Atheist, the IQ of the population flatlines at around 100 from then on.Even worse, in the ~0% Atheist range, there’s a wide range of national IQs from 64 to 100 — with a cluster of low-IQ nations that appear to be driving the “trend.” If we focus on the lowest IQ nations in the above chart, we notice that several of them are poor nations in e.g. That led me (and others who have reviewed the topic) to wonder whether the wealth of a nation better predicts the average intelligence of its citizens.I hope this serves as a springboard for future conversation on the topic — and hopefully puts some tired myths to rest.

One of the few peer reviewed scientific articles I could find on the topic had the straightforward name, “Average intelligence predicts atheism rates across 137 nations.” This article analyzes IQ and religiosity data from “137 countries that represent 95% of the world population” and claims to show that nations with more intelligent citizens tend to have more Atheists. (for the statistics nerds, the R^2 on a linear regression = 0.352) What we see is a fairly weak relationship between national religiosity and average national IQ.The correlation between religiosity and IQ is too weak to suggest that religiosity predicts intelligence on the national level. Looking at national data is fine and dandy, but what about individual-level data?In another controversial research paper on the topic, Satoshi Kanazawa claimed to explain “Why Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent.” In this article, Kanazawa analyzed data from a longitudinal study following students from middle school through adulthood.The census also showed that between 20 the population of England and Wales increased by 3.7million to 56.1million, as the number of foreign born residents rose from 4.6million to 7.5million.Guy Goodwin, the ONS director of census, said the data helped to ‘paint a picture of society’ and allowed politicians to plan for the future.‘This is just the tip of the iceberg of census statistics,’ he said.