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Paul Winter Carnival, or our favorite winter festival, the Beer Dabbler. Paul Winter Carnival, it affords you the added opportunity of trying a TON of craft beer along with a host of different food trucks.

If you’re going to hang outside all day, might as well be surrounded by beer and food.

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So lace up your skates -- it’s only to rent a pair -- and let your inner Nancy Kerrigan shine. Stock up on supplies -- both Whole Foods and Reading Terminal Market have fantastic breads, cheeses, fruits, and veggies to choose from -- and pretend you’re both in a ski lodge in the Alps.

Be sure to share lots of photos of your cheesy feast on social media. Philly has a robust storytelling scene and attending any of Tell Me a Story, First Person Arts, or the Moth’s shows would make a terrific winter date.

It’s so far from dinner and a movie, you’ll be talking about it for weeks.

Opportunities to ogle each other are pretty rare when it’s sub-30 degrees.

It’s hard to feel frisky when the weather’s bleak, the air’s frosty, and “Netflix and chill” has gone stale. We’ve come up with some fun ideas that will not only keep you physically warm, but will also keep the flames of your romance flickering hot.

So slide on your mittens, strap on your earmuffs, and head out for these winter dates that are sure to make the cold season less unbearable. ), the Jurassic World: The Exhibition opens November 25th at The Franklin Institute.

They’re technically in New Hampshire, but the crystalline grandeur makes for a really romantic Instagram feed the next day. Get in the air circus-style at this indoor trapeze rig.

Go on a date, a double date, a lots-of-people date, or a solo date and respectfully admire the gorgeous instructors all by yourself.

One of the more excitingly different shows you can check out this winter is the hyper-percussive stylings of the legendary Blue Man Group.

Get your tickets now, don your best pair of jorts, and memorize every good Tobias Funke line you can. Flying down a hill at breakneck speeds not really your thing?

We love our comedy here, and these guys really stand out for their community engagement, affordable classes, and to top it off their critically acclaimed and award-nominated unscripted comedy bits.