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Of course, no choices in the real world are completely binary.

At IMVU, where we are known for our incredible user-generated content, we also have some first-party content, that was important in seeding our catalog.

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Their mentor, Marley Marl, had just begun to work with the digital sampler, a tentative step away from the fixed parameters of both drum machines and house bands, and towards open-ended creative theft. If it was hip-hop's garage-rock-- a street reaction against the first wave of crossover pop-rap-- then it was all but waiting for the kind of intellectual vernacular so beloved of critics to "take it to the next level." Griffin threw his Kangol in the ring from the opening lines of Eric B & Rakim's debut single, "Eric B Is President": "I came in the door/ I said it before/ I never let the mic magnetize me no more." It is one of the 10 or so most famous verses in rap.Marl, Schoolly D, Scott La Rock and others had defined mid-80s rap as a crash of stiff, hard, stupid (in the best sense) Linn drums and astounding B. Rakim's innovation was applying a patina of intellectual detachment to rap's most sacred cause: talking shit about how you're a better rapper than everyone else. Do they deserve your money when more new music than ever crowds the shelves? (Whatever the quality of the material, charging nearly for catalog items is robbery.) Unlike the bulked-up, slightly lardy Paid in Full reissue from 1999, this edition tacks on a few bonuses without making a big deal out of it. status; the debate over who was actually responsible for their music; the rumor that Eric had to get a steel rod in his spine after the dookie ropes fucked his neck up.* After a dozen changes of rap fashion, when kids born in 1987 are graduating from high school, do these records still hold up? Especially since these new masters are retailing for a beyond-fair 10 bucks.Meanwhile, Dana receives devastating news that she has cancer which calls for surgery.

Helena pursues the documentary film maker Dylan Moreland despite her claims that she's straight.

Sheik Hamza Yusuf, in a groomed goatee and sports jacket, looked more like a hip white college professor than a Middle Eastern sheik.

Imam Zaid Shakir, a lanky African-American in a long brown tunic, looked as if he would fit in just fine on the streets of Damascus.

You have to rewind back to the mid-80s-- not a super time for "urban" music outside of a nascent rap scene still underground enough to need label addresses at the end of singles reviews. Is it any wonder in this context that booming kickdrums, garden claw snares, bacteria-disrupting sub-bass, and tales (freaky, funny, raw, and true) seemed the only viable alternative?

Eric Barrier and William Griffin benefited by being in the right place (NYC) at the right time (just as rap began fumbling towards its own sense of importance).

and “(y)ou can play with my (expletive) then.” When the alleged victim responded that it would be awkward to have such relations at school, Bolser allegedly stated, “Sooo.