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I came home unexpected and found my cute 23 year old wife being pounded by our big Boxer.

They both were really into it and I must have caught them at the moment they both climaxed.

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Since then I have permitted it to continue for I have gotten used to watching and enjoy watching my wife have a good time. Separation anxiety is a common but serious problem for many dogs and their owners.Sustaining several injuries during this incident Chips was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, and Purple Heart; which was later revoked due to the army preventing the commendation of animals.Disney thought Chips deserved some recognition, however, and made a movie about him in 1990. Meanwhile, Jeffries attempts to solve a murder involving a teenage girl that has haunted him for 17 years.

(full article here) I would like to thank everyone involved with COLD CASE for a great 7 years! :: 722 "SHATTERED" [NEW - PART 2 OF THE 7TH SEASON FINALE] Lilly continues searching for her abducted sister.Chips is the most decorated war dog from World War II. In 1943 during the invasion of Sicily, Chips and his handler got themselves pinned down on the beach by an Italian machine gun team.Owned by Edward Wren of NY Chips was a German Shepherd-Collie-Siberian Husky Mix. Breaking free from his handler, Chips proceeded to jump into the pillbox attacking the gunners forcing them out and leading to their surrender.Unfortunately, all many dog owners are able to see upon returning home to a mess or an angry neighbor complaining the dog has been howling for hours is the problem their pet has created.If all your dog does while you're away is chew on the occasional sock or slipper, or pull a few pieces of paper from the trash, chances are he's not anxious.Before your dog has her first full blown anxiety episode, it's easy to mistake her panting, pawing greeting when you return from a two minute dash to the mailbox as simply the unconditional love of a dog for her owner.