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In 2010, the Board of Game removed a buffer zone around the corridor that prohibited wolf hunting and trapping.Since then, the estimated wolf population in the park has dropped to 48, the lowest spring count on record.

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Although the population decline has been attributed to a number of factors—including high mortality rates for pups and low snowfall, making prey harder to catch—conservationists have called for the reestablishment of the wolf buffer zone.

However, the issue cannot be revisited until 2017, due to a moratorium placed by the Board of Game.

Denali Borough includes approximately 8.2 million acres; more than 6 million of those acres are in Denali National Park and Preserve.

At a height of 20,320 feet, Mount Mc Kinley is the centerpiece of the area.It was originally named Mount Mc Kinley National Park, but in 1980 the park was renamed and expanded in size by four million acres as part of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA).Today the park is managed as three separate units: Denali Wilderness is made up of the original Mount Mc Kinley National Park and is managed to retain the undeveloped wilderness with no hunting allowed.We carry in all of our food and gear for 10 to 12 days and then emerge, and I'm looking to replace I my six-year-old Arc' Teyrx Bora 95 litre pack, which blew out under one of its lateral tension rods this year, two years after I replaced the harness.Denali National Park is a United States National Park that is home to Denali, North America's highest mountain (also known as Mt. In addition, the park protects an incredible wilderness area that contains grizzly bears, caribou, moose, wolves, and numerous other creatures.Hunting regulations changed in 2013 to allow brown bear hunting at bait stations, wildlife conservation director Bruce Dale told . The wolf hunting season ended early to allow the Alaska Board of Game to consider the possibility that those new bear hunters were also hunting wolves, increasing the number taken during the spring.