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But when the latter’s career, and freedom, were ended by a tragic accident, Jane becomes her sister’s keeper.

Families take care of one another, and that’s generally a good thing.

For more information on the criminal laws that could be applied, please see family violence Laws.There are many forms of violence, including physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse. In the hierarchy, the youngest sibling is just a notch above the dog. Leaving mum contemplating a life with just dad for company. The sleepless nights expecting a sorting hat-esque ceremony at the start of term and that Year 7 students only got the scraps at lunchtime. At a busy family gathering, when there was no space left at the dinner table, you were guaranteed a spot at the shoddy toy table or standing at a bench to eat. The sheer nightmare of my older sibling telling tall tales about bed wetting when I brought a girl home for the first time put me off dating for…well, forever. As an adult younger sibling, we are the ones that have to deal with the crippling guilt of being the last to move out. Being the only one on New Year’s Eve drinking a glass of Grape Shloer as the bell tolls. Depending on their mood, this could be a fun night complete with violent films you’d never normally see, oodles of sugary food and no bedtime until you hear a drunken key in the lock. Crisis talks in the kitchen stopping the moment you walk in and being replaced by an awkward silence was a staple of your home life. The sheer power your sibling had over allowing you a turn on THEIR Play Station. At family gatherings, by visiting friends of older siblings, by everyone really. Man, how they hate being scolded with the words: ‘They’re only little!

Still, you could always win fights with your elder brother or sister by bursting into tears.

Just in African American conjure alone, without regard to other forms of folk magic found around the world -- white sugar, brown sugar, sugar cubes, powdered sugar, karo syrup, brer rabbit molasses, cane molasses, sorghum syrup, sweetened water, sweetened whiskey, honey, crystal syrup, log cabin maple syrup (in the house-shaped can), mrs butterworth's pancake syrup (in the lady-shaped bottle), dixie pancake syrup, aunt jemima's pancake syrup, agave syrup, jam, jelly, sweet chewing gum, candy bars, hard candies, sugar heart candies, chocolate truffle candies, butterscotch candies dissolved in sweet tea, lollipops, popsicles, sweet-n-low, equal, splenda, mannitol ("milk sugar"), dextrose powder, dextrose candies, and more -- -- all of these have been used, and are still used, in sweetening spells, either singly or mixed ith one another.

Sweetening spells have been and are still often worked inside containers -- boxes, bottles, canning jars, small food jars, hollowed red onions, cored red apples, covered sugar bowls, under plants in pots, under the roots of plants in the ground, wrapped in tin foil, wrapped in paper, within a layer of enrobing chocolate, in a wallet, in a purse, in a pocket, in a mojo hand, in the shoes -- but, although sugar and honey spells are some of the oldest forms of bottle spell in the world, not all of them are worked in bottles or other containers; in fact, they have been and still are often worked out loose -- on dinner plates, in tea or coffee cups, in open bowls, on saucers, in pie tins, on cookie sheets, sprinkled on candles, sprinkled on altars, sprinkled in baths, sprinkled on the floor or the ground -- both with or without the additional use of candles, with or without added herbs or minerals, with or without added powders or dusts or incense.

Do not let anyone tell you that some variations are "valid" while others are not.

These spells are so ancient and so widespread that if you understand the family resemblances, you will soon come to see that a touch of menstrual blood on a fresh strawberry that has been dipped and covered with a hard chocolate coating is not all that far from the name paper of a bankruptcy court judge that is kept in a half-pint mason jar full of sugar cubes with a tea light on top or the business card of a boss that is folded inside a piece of aluminum foil with a sprinkle of sugar and kept in a wallet or worn in a shoe. The social form of sweetness desired, from whom it is desired, and how that desire is worked into a physical spell to be conveyed to influence the minds and hearts of others are the variables.

The different forms of abuse can also occur in a range of relationships and contexts.