Arab emo chat

A reddit meme started by the user look_of_disapproval, who has now joined the ranks of legendary redditors such as the esteemed Unicode_Unicorn.

He will give a look of disapproval to stupid, insensitive, uncalled for, or just plain disgusting comments.

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Platform vendors such as Samsung, LG and HTC use their own emoji images.

Whats App, Signal and Telegram all use Apple emoji images on Android, instead of Google emojis.

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Whats App, which was acquired by Facebook last year for billion, claims more than a billion mobile downloads, more than 450 million active business and consumer users, and has more than a million users joining every day. It’s all part of a snazzy new federal law outlawing swearing online.

In fact, if you use it the wrong way, by, say, including profanity in your communications, you can look forward to doin’ a hard-time beef, as they say up in the clink. Let’s hope he looks good in orange, or whatever color is the new black in the UAE.

Ibn Abd-el-Hakem reports, one and a half centuries later, that "the people of Andalus did not observe them, thinking that the vessels crossing and recrossing were similar to the trading vessels which for their benefit plied backwards and forwards." They defeated the Visigothic army, led by King Roderic, in a decisive battle at Guadalete in 712.

Whats App, the popular voice and messaging app, has not been greeted with enthusiasm in the United Arab Emirates. That’s a huge customer base—indicative of its ease of use and entertainment value in connecting with friends. Violators can get three years in jail, deportation if a foreign national, and face up to 0,000 in fines.

It should be noted that censorship in the form of over-the-top (OTT) bans is not unusual in the UAE.