Animals dating video

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Among other gags, one of Waggle’s quirky e-mail newsletters is written humorously from the point of view of animals.

And the startup regularly live streams shows via Facebook that feature French bulldogs disco dancing, for example, or a parrot cooking.

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I can either go now while we wait for Poppy, or after we’re finished here. You ran off to the gym yesterday and left me with her.

I don’t want to spend the whole day watching you and Poppy get pampered. The people over at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society in New Mexico make a strong case that the answer is yes.In celebration of Valentine’s Day, they produced a short parody video that explores what the ABC dating reality show would be like if it were about pet adoption, not nabbing a husband. So you wait here and I’ll be back in a couple of hours. I think I saw a beauty salon for humans on our way here. Especially in England, the hype thing is incredibly strong." "We just slipped under the radar," Seaward says of Glass Animals.