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For example, a person might be born appearing to be female on the outside, but having mostly male-typical anatomy on the inside.

Or a person may be born with genitals that seem to be in-between the usual male and female types—for example, a girl may be born with a noticeably large clitoris, or lacking a vaginal opening, or a boy may be born with a notably small penis, or with a scrotum that is divided so that it has formed more like labia.

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Levine later said the reporter had misunderstood her. Laura Schlessinger, radio talk show host, is a Jewish "good guy." She is one of the most prominent Orthodox Jews in America, and famous for her denunciation of homosexuality. Laura attacked a study of pederasty, published in Psychological Bulletin in 1998, claiming it advocated sex between children and adults. 'People have a newfound respect and understanding for Judaism,' she says …

The US House of Representatives went on to pass a resolution unanimously rejecting the study. How does she reconcile Jewish law with her largely non-Jewish audience?

Featuring a cast composed of supermarionettes, Team America focuses on a fictional team of political paramilitary policemen known as "Team America: World Police", who attempt to save the world from a violent terrorist plot led by Kim Jong-il.

The use of marionettes instead of actors in an action film is a reference to Thunderbirds, a popular 1960s British television show, although Stone and Parker were not fans of that show.

Al Jazeera World" data-title="Lebanon: The Battle of Abra" data-url="/programmes/aljazeeraworld/2017/05/lebanon-battle-abra-170522063407084.html" data-description="We investigate an incident highlighting tensions in Lebanese politics, the role of Hezbollah and the sectarian divide." data-bcmedia="5444929722001"Witness" data-title="India's Reggae Resistance: Defending Dissent Under Modi" data-url="/programmes/witness/2017/05/india-reggae-resistance-defending-dissent-modi-170518115300019.html" data-description="An Indian reggae musician builds a Jamaican-style sound system to energise a wave of protests defending free speech." data-bcmedia="5444783456001"Special series" data-title="Hissene Habre: Trial of a Dictator" data-url="/programmes/specialseries/2016/10/hissene-habre-dictator-trial-161030093148939.html" data-description="Harrowing insight into the rise and fall of one of the world's most cruel dictators, former Chadian President Habre." data-bcmedia="5188913053001"The Listening Post" data-title="British media's coverage of Corbyn: Balanced or biased?

" data-url="/programmes/listeningpost/2017/05/british-media-coverage-corbyn-balanced-biased-170520081734337.html" data-description="The Labour Party faces a right-leaning media with weeks until the election.

If you do not have access to an on-base child care provider, you may be eligible to participate in our child care fee assistance program.

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The film stars Parker, Stone, Kristen Miller, Masasa Moyo, Daran Norris, Phil Hendrie, Maurice La Marche, Chelsea Marguerite, Jeremy Shada, and Fred Tatasciore, and is a satire of big-budget action films and their associated clichés and stereotypes, with particular humorous emphasis on the global implications of the politics of the United States.

The title is derived from domestic and international political criticisms that the foreign policy of the United States frequently and unilaterally tries to "police the world".

" data-url="/programmes/insidestory/2017/05/trump-solve-middle-east-conflict-170523181010436.html" data-description="Donald Trump says he is committed to finding a peace deal for Israel and the Palestinians." data-bcmedia="5444929786001"Up Front" data-title="The end of an era for the Latin American left?